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Before talking about updating the content of education, it is necessary to understand the sources of its content

Before talking about updating the content of education, it is necessary to understand the sources of its content

Bureaucratic methods do not debureaucratize education, a bureaucrat can only die if there is no "fodder base". Good teachers and school principals are not run, they know what to do ("It doesn’t make sense to hire smart people and then tell them what to do. We hire smart people to tell us what to do," said Steve Jobs) …

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Why is Baron Munchausen’s method, that is, the attempts of the educational system to reform itself, doomed to failure?

Victor Gromova: 8 "why" and 12 "because" in education

Author: Victor Gromovoy, educational expert, Honored Teacher of Ukraine.


Why do any top-level educational endeavors turn to imitation down here?

Why is Baron Munchausen’s method, that is, attempts by the education system to reform itself, doomed to failure?

Why do we not manage to turn the pedagogical "swamp" into a "river", to create an attractive creative environment in our schools?

Why does all the energy of the educational urge traditionally descend into the "whistle" (we focus on the external, purely superficial "decor" and frank PR and do not even approach the change of the basic and semantic foundations of the modern school)?

Why do all our "good intentions" for individualization and humanization turn into only declarative rants on a given topic?

Why do we continue not to use the main resource for the development of education – freedom of pedagogical thought and action, but "hopelessly" that a breakthrough to a new quality of education can make a free teacher who is programmed to stupidly follow "instructions" and has "learned helplessness"?

Why does the domestic education system, instead of releasing the energy of all participants in the educational process, tightly bind them "by the arms and legs"?

Why does the sphere of education not always show the way to the Light and motivate everyone who enters it to reach for the Light?


Because the education of the new millennium cannot be reformed at all from above, it can only be done from below.

Because there are declarations, but adequate mechanisms for the implementation of the declared in practice have not been created.

Because in our country everything turns into a cargo cult (we didn’t learn from someone else, and we gave up our own).

Because funds are needed to carry out qualitative transformations.

Because the school continues to be a territory of complete lies.

Because "we are lazy and uninterested", and "very smart" we used to trample.

Because we have not yet taken domestic education out of the world of archaism and the suffocating atmosphere of traditionalism, where there is no free choice, but there is a systematic suppression of the individual, strict subordination and division into "their" (they include, of course, outright dupolysis) and "others" (which are perceived exclusively as general critics).

Because the principle of "not being like everyone else" (make a difference, etc.) has not become the norm for us, and we are still in the grip of the Soviet "I am the last letter of the alphabet!"

Because no one has yet managed to make radical changes without really changing anything.

Because we do not have the courage to attack the educational "sacred cows" (classroom system, MONcentrism, etc.) and to undertake the construction of a school that is not a school.

Because we do not even imagine another system of education, which is impossible to manage in the old way, because it is dominated by self-sufficient people who know what they should do.

Because in the educational sphere, the logic of the saying that "the Titanic was built by professionals and Noah’s ark by amateurs" does not work. Wild unprofessionalism and outright amateurism have an extremely destructive effect here.

P.S. "Wait, who’s coming?""Sha, nobody’s going anywhere anymore!"

For, to paraphrase a well-known phrase by Ronald Reagan, the views of "decision-makers" on the mechanism of "reforming" education from above, as a rule, are extremely simple:

1. Everything that is still moving a little in the field of education needs to be regulated.

2. If after that it miraculously continues to function, it is necessary to regulate it.

3. If for some reason something still shows signs of life, strictly control.

4. If even after the "control shot" no longer moves, but still breathes a little, you should finally tightly block the oxygen avalanche of endless "instructions".

5. In order not to even think of recovering, put a "tombstone" of constant reporting.

6. If you no longer show any signs of life, it is personal narrative topics for high school necessary just in case to roll in the asphalt (crossed out) to monitor to the very edge.

7. If Bobik is dead and not subject to resuscitation, start a new project to debureaucratize education, which will lead to even greater bureaucratization of the already bureaucratized education system.

The original

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There will also be no tournaments, Olympiads in special disciplines and competitions of professional skills.

All-Ukrainian student Olympiads have been canceled due to COVID-19

The Ministry of Education and Science has canceled the All-Ukrainian Student Olympiads in all subjects due to the growing incidence of coronavirus.

The relevant order of the department is registered with the Ministry of Justice.

In addition, tournaments, Olympiads in special disciplines and competitions of professional skills will also not be held this year.

At the same time, All-Ukrainian student competitions in academic disciplines and competitions-defense of research works can be held remotely.

The Ministry of Education notes that in order to pass all stages of Olympiads and tournaments, children and teachers need to move around the city and regions, communicate with other people, which increases the risk of infection and spread of coronavirus disease.

"Taking into account the advice of teachers and the recommendations of the Ministry of Health regarding the maximum restriction of contacts between people, it was decided not to hold student competitions during quarantine," the Ministry of Education said.

The education department is asked to treat this decision with understanding.




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The school should have enough men who can throw out a little brawler

Victor Gromovoy: about the teacher’s right to act!

Author: Victor Gromovoy, educational expert, Honored Teacher of Ukraine.

"I will order a word about a poor teacher from Transcarpathia", or about the teacher’s right to make a mistake and the right to ACTION!

Please consider the following confession as a guilty plea. I confess to the most unethical act in my teaching career, which would most likely cost me my teaching career now (not the fact that it would be worse for me personally). However, this act was then the most effective means of pedagogical influence.

I laugh out loud as the whole country doesn’t know what to do with an 8-year-old brawler 🙂

…I am 21 years old. I am a graduate of the historical faculty of KDPI, who was immediately appointed organizer of extracurricular activities. Of course, the students had a normal desire to test me for strength … This is always done with new ones.

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