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As the founder of CellarDine I pride myself on keeping in touch with my trade customers and most importantly the public to see what they feel about my products and what we could do better in terms of design, affordability and performance. Our retail partners and the public have since 1998 been very generous in welcoming me into their stores to perform live demonstrations where I have been able to engage with customers and obtain valuable feed back towards my products, often receiving very kind messages of support and advise, this has been hugely rewarding and has allowed me to review all our products lines with a view to improving what we produce.

As a family business we started the company with just one product the original Therm au Rouge red wine sleeve and have strived to create further innovation to strengthen our offer to what we now call the “complete wine story” re opening, serving, temperature, aeration and preservation, this enables our customers to potentially buy into our collection and maximise the true value and flavour of wines: Over the years the feed back from customers towards our business has been amazing, one of the many repeated requests has been the desire to understand more about wine, hence we have collaborated with our friends at Alchemy Wines to produce a  “Wine Tips” booklet which provides some useful advise on “everything wine” plus breaks down some of the snobbery that it often associated with the trade, the booklet is free to down load from our home page and is also free to pick up on any of my “Meet the Maker events”.

I am genuinely very humbled and grateful for the support shown towards our business, its been quite a journey since we started and being able to share this with you live in store is a wonderful experience for me, if you are able to join me at any of the events it would be a pleasure to see you, please check our latest dates via this page or look out for the announcements on our social media platforms, thank you once again and look forward to meeting you, all the best Peter

Peter J Dunne


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