Cocktail Muddler Stainless Steel


Comfortable to hold, this heavyweight stainless steel Cocktail Muddler has a solid nylon head that won’t scratch your glassware while you’re mixing, pressing and crushing ingredients to maximise their flavours in your cocktail creations.

The stainless steel muddler does not absorb flavours or aromas and can go into the dishwasher for cleaning.

It doesn’t absorb flavours or aromas and when all the mixing’s done, it can go into the dishwasher to keep your after party clean-up to a minimum.

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What is a muddler?

An indispensable bartender’s tool, every professional mixologist has at least one muddler behind their bar… It’s really a specialised pestle for crushing ice, pressing flavours and oils from herbs, and for squeezing the juices from berries when making real-fruit cocktails and mocktails.

Shaped like a miniature baseball bat, the best ones have a flat, textured (or toothed) head, just like this one, to help get the most flavour from your ingredients.


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