Three Piece Wine Stopper Set


Made from high quality stainless steel materials, all of which are FDA approved

  • Fits all 750ml bottles, to include flanged neck bottles
  • Can be used on all still red or white wines
  • Keeps your wine fresh for up to 48 hours
  • Made with 3 silicone rings to help with securing the stopper into varying bottle neck sizes.

We recommend when using wine bottles that the wine is stored upright in the fridge

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The three piece wine stopper set is a stylish combination of three high quality wine stoppers made from stainless steel in a matt finish with a seperate stand for easy storage. The wine stoppers with silicone rings will fit the majority of wine bottles 750ml both red and white still wine, comes pre packed in a superb gift box and makes for an excellent all year round gift.


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