Wake Up Wine Electronic Decanter: Industry Award Winner 2020.

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We are delighted to announce the arrival of the new wake up wine electronic decanter designed to aerate and breathe red wine in minutes. This patented product has been developed by Dean Levin one of our partners in the US Sonoma wine region and has already captured the imagination of leading sommeliers, WUW is stylish, simple and easy to use with a fantastic design.


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As a business we have always looked to design our own original innovative products based on quality, performance and affordability. The Wake Up Wine decanter fits superbly into our range and is the ultimate wine breather which will bring out the full bouquet and flavour in as little as one minute. Everyone knows that to get the best out of your red wines they should be left to stand for at least an hour or more before drinking, we know from research very few of us have the time or patience to wait, resulting in consuming our bottles too quickly and not getting the best flavour and value for money.

The Wake Up Wine decanter has a built in rotating arm which gently circulates the wine to maximise bouquet and flavour. This patented product is the latest technology for aerating and breathing your wine and comes pre-packed in a superb gift box.

The electronic Wake Up Wine decanter is easy to use, with a touch screen display and can be set up in seconds. It comes with a stylish glass decanter, a wine filter and a USB cable for charging, superb value at £129.99 and a perfect gift for the ultimate wine enthusiast: Can also be used for catering and corporate events.  New to the market the Innovative Wake Up Wine Decanter has already won the Exclusive Housewares Awards 2020 for “Best Plugged In Product”, an amazing achievement for a quality new arrival!

1 review for Wake Up Wine Electronic Decanter: Industry Award Winner 2020.

  1. Gary Witney

    If you like a perfect glass or two of a decent bottle of red then this for you.

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