ZOS Wine Preserver Spare Cartridges, Set of 2


A refill pack of two ZOS Wine Preserver Cartridges, each of which can eliminate the oxygen from up to 15 bottles of wine when attached to the ZOS Wine Preserver. Filled with a specially formulated clay compound which absorbs 100% of the oxygen in the bottle, they ensure that the flavour of your leftover wine remains fresh and unspoilt until the very last drop. Zero oxygen – Zero waste – Zero effort.

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A built-in computer chip in the ZOS wine preserver automatically runs a series of checks on the cartridge every time you take it from its airtight holder, flashing lights from red to green as it does so. When the light turns green it’s ready to pop into the bottle, an initial violet light flashes to let you know it’s doing its job, and a constant red light means it’s time for a new cartridge. Each cartridge preserves up to 15 bottles of wine or 90 glasses. (This represents excellent value as an average bottle of wine in the UK is £5.99, therefore the cost to preserve one bottle would be less than 40p)


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